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If you are looking for information Wood Pellets or Wood Chip Pellets for your new Wood burning stove or Boiler this is the place.  Alternatively you might be looking for information on Green Energy or Renewable Energy.  Again, this is certainly the place to be.  We have gathered together some facts figures and information for you and trust it will meet with your satisfaction.

Gone are the days when those of us who decided to use an alternative to oil were labelled cranks and tree huggers.  It is now globally recognised that oil is going to become more and more expensive as it becomes more and more scarce over the next few decades, until it eventually runs out. And while we continue to use oil, we are causing untold damage to the environment and contributing hugely to Climate Change and Global Warming.

Wikipedia defines Green energy thus:  'Green Energy is a term describing what is considered to be environmentally friendly, typically non-polluting, sources of power and energy, some sources may use it interchangeably with renewable energy'

Some will tell you that it is a shame to cut down trees.  But, consider this:  Wood is a renewable energy source.  Wood is manageable and clean.  While growing, trees absorb and filter far more carbon that they emit when burning!  What a perfect fuel!

Wood burning Stoves are traditional, aesthetically pleasing, and have been the heart of many a home for many generations.  A stove is a term that is used to describe any fireplace that is enclosed and usually made of iron or steel.  They are much more efficient that open fireplaces.  Stoves can be used simply for heating a room or for cooking as well.

It is becoming difficult to access wood for burning these days so enterprising landowners are rising to the challenge and are producing wood pellets.  These pellets are often of willow which is quick growing, easily harvested and stored and is renewable.

Chip or pellet boilers can also be used to heat water to heat you home.  These pellet boilers can be totally automatic with a regulated feed system, they are highly efficient and they are self cleaning.

Always have your Wood chip boiler fitted by qualified tradesmen.  The flue has to be insulated and above the eaves of your house. It must also be kept clear of any combustible material.

You will have to consider the matter of storage and be certain that your supplier can keep you supplied even in busy periods.  It's a good idea to get in more stock than you are going to need and provided it's stored in a dry shed you should be secure in your fuel needs for several months.
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